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We believe that technology with purpose has the potential to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Our international team sets that work in motion, and as a part of it, you can unlock your own impact future career.

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Why Teplore?
  • Established global reputation for quality BESS solutions.

  • Cutting-edge technology and innovation.

  • Commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

  • Exceptional customer support and technical expertise.

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What Teplore Offers?
  • Access to a wide range of advanced BESS products.

  • Competitive pricing and favorable terms.

  • Comprehensive training and marketing support.

  • Strong collaboration for mutual success.

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Who Teplore's Looking For?
  • Teplore is looking for talented people in the field of energy storage. If you are passionate about sustainable energy solutions and want to achieve success in your career, let's connect!

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Why Partner With Teplore?
  • Diversify your product offerings.

  • Join a dynamic industry poised for exponential growth.

  • Benefit from Teplore's global network and support.

  • Play a vital role in advancing renewable energy.



Technical Support
Product Manager
  • Hardware Engineer



    Feb 21,2024


    • 1. Responsible for the hardware circuit design, component selection, hardware board development, and design verification of Battery Management System (BMS) products.

    • 2. Handle single board layout design, production lead-in production technology, and process support and coordination.

    • 3. Participate in the system requirements evaluation and hardware scheme design of BMS products.

    • 4. Produce related design documents according to the product development process, lead design reviews, including detailed hardware design, derating review, BOM, etc.

    • 5. Collaborate with other fields in product development to complete functional verification, testing certification, project application problem solving, design optimization, R&D iterations, etc.


    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher, proficient in at least one PCB design software, such as Altium Designer, Cadence.

    • 2. Over 3 years of experience in hardware design, development, and mass production of BMS, automotive electronics, inverters, frequency converters, or power-related products.

    • 3. Familiar with common device applications, single board design specifications, EMC knowledge, with rigorous circuit failure analysis and onsite problem-solving abilities.

    • 4. Strong sense of responsibility, excellent teamwork ability, proactive communication skills, and good self-learning ability.

  • Back-end Development Engineer



    Feb 21,2024


    • 1. Responsible for cloud application development of energy storage products, including related interface design and documentation.

    • 2. Understand business requirements deeply, based on business development and product needs, complete back-end architecture design, development, and deployment.

    • 3. Collaborate with the team to quickly analyze and solve cloudbased product issues, conduct root cause analysis of product problems and defects, and resolve them technically.

    • 4. Work with other fields in energy storage product development to ensure the stability, reliability, and scalability of cloud applications.


    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in computer/software engineering, with over 3 years of development experience.

    • 2. Proficient in PHP, familiar with micro services architecture, experience in distributed development, proficient use of container technologies like Docker, k8s.

    • 3. Experience in production environment deployment and maintenance, familiar with at least one public cloud product, such as Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS.

    • 4. Familiar with software applications related to the electric power or new energy industry, with good documentation skills and coding habits.

    • 5. Strong sense of responsibility, excellent teamwork ability, proactive communication, and good self-learning ability.

  • Product Manager

    Technical Support


    Feb 19,2024


    • 1. Responsible for the planning and design of the company's WEB products, deeply understanding customer usage scenarios and insights into customer needs.

    • 2. Write product requirement documents and draw product prototype diagrams, collaborate with the development team, and control the entire process and outcome from product design, development, testing to official launch.

    • 3. Analyze, solve, and summarize problems in the online application of products, timely adjust and improve product design.

    • 4. Collect customer feedback, pay attention to the product operation process, follow up on market demand changes, and carry out continuous iteration of products.


    • 1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above, at least 3 years of experience in B-end software product design, experience in IoT cloud-related fields is preferred.

    • 2. Familiar with product design concepts and methods, proficient in office tools, chart presentation tools, product prototype design tools, etc.

    • 3. Good speaking and expression abilities, communication and coordination skills, and document writing skills, with the ability to continuously learn.

    • 4. Positive and responsible towards work, willing to take responsibility, and innovate.

  • Documentation Engineer (English)

    Technical Support


    Feb 19,2024


    • 1. Responsible for following up on the iteration of the company's energy storage products, quickly understanding products, and writing product materials and technical documents.

    • 2. Responsible for writing, formatting, and reviewing the operation instructions, installation guides, and after-sales maintenance documentation in both English and Chinese.

    • 3. In charge of improving and maintaining the writing standards and related templates for various types of product materials.

    • 4. Collaborate with product and development staff to write various documents throughout the project process while ensuring document quality.


    • 1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, with a preference for majors related to power electronics.

    • 2. At least 2 years of experience in writing documentation in English, familiar with project development processes, steps, and standards.

    • 3. Good team spirit and cross-department collaboration ability, proactive and earnest in work, with strong self-motivation.

    • 4. Strong learning ability, meticulous logical thinking, and writing skills.

  • Energy Storage Market Research



    Feb 19,2024


    • 1. Research market trends, market dynamics, and competition pattern in the US power market to identify new business opportunities and uncover the value of energy storage;

    • 2. Study energy storage industry policies, regulations, subsidies, loans, and profit models in various states of the US. Keep abreast of industry news, events, and trends;

    • 3. Collect, update, and refine market data, create market models, and produce research analysis reports;

    • 4. Work with sales and marketing teams to develop effective pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies to support business development;

    • 5. Travel to the US periodically for research, trade shows, and other business activities.


    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution in business, finance, economics, or related fields;

    • 2. 1-3 years of research background, experience in financial institutions or consulting in the banking industry is preferred;

    • 3. Strong industry (sector) research and analysis capabilities, good strategic foresight, and some research project experience;

    • 4. Strong logical, data analysis, writing skills, and market acumen;

    • 5. Experience studying or working in Europe or America, working language proficiency in English, additional languages are a plus;

    • 6. Knowledge of the energy industry and power systems is preferred.

  • R&D Test Engineer



    Feb 19,2024


    • 1. Responsible for testing-related work in product R&D projects;

    • 2. Participate in product requirements analysis, organize and coordinate test resources, lead the development of test plans, strategies, and cases;

    • 3. Responsible for setting up the test environment, completing testing tasks according to schedule, advancing the resolution and closure of test issues, and producing high-quality test reports;

    • 4. Participate in standard testing and certification of products, follow up on the testing certification process, and produce related documentation;

    • 5. Assist with product assembly testing, factory testing, and project debugging.


    • 1. Bachelor's degree or above in renewable energy, electrical, mechanical engineering, or related fields;

    • 2. At least 3 years of experience in the power system industry, familiar with common devices and electrical/circuit principles, proficient in reading diagrams, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and learning ability;

    • 3. Familiar with common electrical testing processes and methods, reliability testing methods and theories, strong failure analysis capability, understanding of common power industry communication protocols;

    • 4. Proficient in using various testing and analysis instruments, such as DC Source, AC Source, power analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.;

    • 5. Strong data analysis skills, clear logical thinking, and proficient in writing test reports. (Preference given to those with relevant testing experience in energy storage, UPS, inverters, photovoltaics, low-voltage electrical assemblies, etc.)