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Maximize ESS performance and competitiveness

Teplore elevates your energy storage solutions with unmatched industry expertise, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and compliance with the highest safety standards. Our multidisciplinary team offers bespoke insights and services, fostering durable partnerships aimed at enhancing the value and operational efficacy of your energy storage projects.

Service Levels

  • Guided Service (Level 1)

  • Shared Service (Level 2)

  • Complete Service (Level 3)

  • Asset Management (Level 4)

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    Guided Service (Level 1)

    Empower your team with Teplore’s comprehensive training for operational management and both preventative and reactive maintenance. This service grants round-the-clock support, software updates, and warranty provisions, ideally suited for entities with minimal commercial performance needs and lower risk tolerance.

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    Shared Service (Level 2)

    Elevate your capabilities with 24/7 system monitoring and enhanced maintenance support. Teplore augments your team’s proficiency in preventative care while offering targeted reactive maintenance solutions. This level includes conditional performance assurances, tailored for organizations that balance operational responsibility with strategic reliance on Teplore’s expertise.

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    Complete Service (Level 3)

    Experience complete peace of mind as Teplore takes charge of all maintenance duties, backed by robust performance guarantees and continuous system monitoring. This comprehensive package is designed for entities prioritizing risk minimization and seeking exhaustive support for maintaining system integrity and performance.

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    Asset Management (Level 4)

    Entrust your asset’s entire lifecycle to Teplore, covering operational, financial, and risk management, along with stakeholder relations. This top-tier service is perfect for investors or entities focused on financial optimization, freeing them to concentrate on business growth while Teplore ensures operational excellence.


Delivery Services

Teplore’s turnkey solutions for energy storage systems encompass Engineering, Delivery, Installation, and Commissioning. Our global experience and technical expertise ensure your energy storage system is delivered safely and efficiently, fully aligned with your project's specific requirements.

  • Engineering

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

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    In-depth project assistance from ground assessments to comprehensive engineering documentation and designs.

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    Seamless delivery of essential system components, tailored to meet the unique demands of each project.

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    Expert installation services, managing all facets of equipment setup and operational training for a smooth transition.

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    Detailed system checks to guarantee every component operates flawlessly, ensuring reliability and performance from day one.


Teplore is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in energy storage solutions, working closely with our clients at every stage to exceed expectations and drive forward the future of energy storage.