Jan 30,2024

Teplore Achieves New UL Certification, Advancing in the U.S. Energy Storage Sector


Exciting news: Teplore's Tensorpack R 125kW/279kWh energy storage system has been awarded the UL9540 certification by Intertek, following our Tensorpack A system's previous success. This recognition underscores our products' safety and expands our U.S. portfolio.

Our Tensorpack A&R systems meet the highest safety standards, including UL1973 and UL9540A for battery and power systems, and UL1741SB for core component safety. Designed with UL-standard components and comprehensive safety evaluations, they're suited for harsh outdoor conditions, proven by C5 corrosion and Type 3R water resistance tests.

Teplore is committed to delivering safe, efficient storage solutions, driving forward a green, low-carbon economy through continuous technological innovation.