Oct 20,2022

Teplore's distributed energy storage lands at Vanke's Dameisha headquarters


Teplore's 200kW/400kWh energy storage system now powers the Dameisha Vanke Center's micro-grid, a part of the Carbon Neutrality Experimental Park. This multi-purpose complex, owned by Vanke Group, spans 120,000 sqm, blending offices, education, and exhibitions.


Dameisha Vanke Center is a pioneer in carbon neutrality, recognized as a Shenzhen near-zero carbon emissions pilot project. Its Phase 1 Science and Innovation Park, operational since October 2022, focuses on enhancing energy efficiency and relying on high-renewable energy sources (aiming for 100% green electricity during operation). This approach significantly trims the operational carbon footprint.

The micro-grid leverages Teplore's Tensorpack T energy storage, syncing with photovoltaics, managing load fluctuations, and reducing reliance on traditional power plants, aligning with green energy objectives.