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Project Description

Successful commissioning of the first teplore distributed energy storage plant in Liandong U Valley

In the beginning of the year, Teplore proudly announced the launch of our Tensorpack T 200kW/400kWh distributed energy storage system at Liandong U Valley International Enterprise Harbor.

Lian Dong Group, a prominent industrial conglomerate, operates over 385 industrial parks across 76 cities in China. As a leader in industrial park management, they prioritize green development and have partnered with Teplore to implement energy storage solutions.

This project, our first collaboration, demonstrates significant benefits. In Zhejiang, our Tensorpack T system optimizes energy use during two daily peak and valley periods, reducing costs and providing long-duration backup power.

Zhejiang actively promotes renewable energy and demand-side management, where Teplore plays a vital role. We enhance economic returns and ease grid pressure by integrating renewable energy sources.

Teplore's Tensorpack T provides high-quality components, achieving exceptional efficiency, cycle life, and remote monitoring. We've already delivered solutions to Fortune 500 companies in key cities.

With our industrial park expertise, Teplore and Lian Dong will lead the way in sustainable industrial park development. 

Basic Information
Tensorpack T
Power / Energy 200kW/ 430kWh
Location Huzhou, China
Application Factory
Functionality Time of Use